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Home61 believes it can differentiate itself with its business model, which it hopes will match supply with demand. Automation is used to streamline the buying and selling process.


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Zelgor is a location-based alternate reality platform. Zelgor Inc. is using the technology to build mobile games that take place on the real world map.

John Fanning

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John W Fanning, Founding Chairman and CEO of napster, has been a pioneer in internet technologies for over 25 years. In addition to his work with napster on the distributed aggregation of content, he has introduced such net-related innovations as client-server game play, voice over IP, and auto-upgrading/authentication. Since 1994, he has founded numerous successful Internet ventures, including napster, NetGames, NetMovies, and Netcapital. John attended Boston College and has a background in finance from his work at Fidelity Investments in Boston, MA.

Nolan Bushnell

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Nolan Kay Bushnell is an American electrical engineer and businessman. He established Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre chain. Bushnell has been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame and the Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame, received the BAFTA Fellowship and the Nations Restaurant News “Innovator of the Year” award, and was named one of Newsweek's "50 Men Who Changed America." Bushnell has started more than twenty companies and is one of the founding fathers of the video game industry.